Thursday, August 6, 2015

Utah 1944. Donna’s birthday. Ray, Geri, Pat, Donna, and others.

I don’t know all the people in these videos, though there are many I do. Ray, Donna, Pat, Geri, her dad T. L., amazing color. Feel free to leave comments below with anything of interest.

Note from Donna:
Cute kid, huh! Others were grandma and grandpa Murray sitting at picnic table in the park, Uncle Bud (daddy's middle brother, Dennis Murray's dad), Aunt Ollie (Uncle Bud's wife), friends of mom and daddy, Phil and Mae Grimm (Phil is the tall one with the black hair). The boy with me is Barry Ingham and the older girl with Pat is his sister, Carol. They just lived two houses away. Barry died in a car crash about 30 years ago. The little white haired boy sitting on the curb lived across the street from us, last name Blair. He was younger than the rest of us. The kids at my birthday party were neighbor kids that I played with. The party was at Fairmont Park, a park in Sugarhouse. The English setter dog was Patsy and the German shorthair was Hut. On the horse was Barry and me at our house on Chadwick. All the above were at the Chadwick house.

Uncle Bud put me on the horse with daddy. We were at friends of mom and daddy's in Provo who had a farm. The two boys who jumped onto the horse together were their sons. Can't remember the names. Barry and I were really close. Pat and Carol used to take us to the movies. What fun to see these. Boy, brings up so many memories. As I watch again and again, I may remember more.

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Heather I. said...

My name is Heather Ingham. I am the younger daughter of Barry Ingham. This video is amazing, as we have very few photographs of my dad as a young boy, and no video. If you come across any other images of my dad, I would love to see them!